Spring Break - Through a Teacher's Eyes

          It's Here!  It's finally here!  The moment we have waited on for over 150 work days - SPRING BREAK is here.  You see - Fall Break, Christmas Break, President's Day - They just can't compare to SPRING BREAK!  Teachers NEED Spring Break - The others holidays/weekends might be a need too, but not at this level.  This is a Super Need! You see - SPRING BREAK is a MUST HAVE OR ELSE need!  Although we all love what we do - Spring Break gives us a new lease on life.  It gives us time to regroup before that last push that opens the door for Testing and Prom and Graduation.  It gives us time to catch up on much needed sleep!  Very few of "us" actually go any place at all on Spring Break.  Instead, we spend our time loving on our own children, who might have been neglected since Christmas Break.  We might be found chasing them around at the local park or shopping for Easter dresses or maybe watching the latest release at the local movie theater.  It also gives us time to see how cute our PJs actually look at lunch time.  It gives us time to do some spring cleaning, get our hair cut, go to the dentist, go get groceries, and most importantly, it gives us time to just BREATHE. 


          You see - I have so many passions that I just can't give up any one of them.  Thank goodness I am a multi-tasker and a delegator.  I always knew that Administrator certification would come in handy. My girls and I (with the support of my hubby and son) started this business well over a year ago.  My hubby is a General Manager for a local cooperative.  Our oldest daughter, Brittany (the oldest of 3), and I are both teachers (hence this blog comes from a teacher's point of view) .  Haley is a college student, and our son, Joe Garrett is a home-schooled, 12 year old, who makes our life all the more interesting.  We all possess hidden talents.  Brittany is a true artist - creativity and glitter ooze from her veins.  Haley can use social media like no one I have ever known.  I often think she should be a private investigator, because she can find out everything about anyone in 2.5 seconds.  I am a multi-tasking, Queen of Everything.  I LOVE teaching students and seeing them proud of themselves when they finally "understand" a math problem.  I LOVE managing our afterschool tutoring/mentoring grant and seeing young people "grow" academically and emotionally.  I LOVE creating personalized items - Retail and Bling is my thing!  I LOVE to see the look on a working mom's face, when she proudly wears a new shirt supporting her son at his latest football game (even if they have a 0-12 record).  My list of LOVES goes on and on.....And I just can't stop!  

           Last year - I tried to out source my record keeping, my phone calls, my emails, my inventory lists, my shipping, etc.....It just doesn't work at this level most of the time.  I found out that we might just be the only one that TRULY cares about our customers!  Those people just don't have the same commitment that we do.  I'm still figuring out things that "they" didn't do.  So, you know what we did, don't you - You got it - We pulled it all back this year, and now we are happier than ever and growing like crazy.   More announcements about that part in the near future!!! Good things come to those that wait (and pray).  We pride ourselves on customer service, and although we have had some growing pains over the past year, we are stronger than ever before and ready to take on this new year - full of energy and amazing products for you - the working moms of America !!! 

          So, you see - This "Teacher Entrepreneur" is READY for a SPRING BREAK week of fun - Fun doing what I LOVE best - My family, My customers, My students, and just doing My LIFE!



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